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3 Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy
Wednesday, 11 December 2019
Utilizing Press Releases As A Seo Tool

By now much of you will have heard the news that Ultimate Demon is being updated. There is a great deal of discuss the new "Socket" layer programming that is being carried out and the increased power and features that are bing added.


Reasons A Beginner Ought To Refrain From Doing Seo Himself


And think about adding a blog site. It is a fantastic seo tool. Your posts are fresh content, the comments are fresh content, and search engines like fresh material.



Setting About Keyword Research





  • Signature Links As A Traffic And Seo Tool


  • 2 Awesome Seo Page Analysis Tools


  • How To Optimize Your Sites For Much Better Traffic - Step By Action Guide


  • 10 Reasons To Use Seo Software



That's right. If your competitors has 3,000 inbound links. You need 3,001. You should make sure your page stands out in all locations if your competitors has not totally used every bit of on page seo possible. It really is as simple as that.

While it's great to utilize your target keyword in the anchor text of your backlinks, you should likewise mix and match with other keywords. To put it simply, if you have 100 links with the exact same keyword in your anchor text, then the online search engine will get suspicious that a robotic is at work and will penalize your website. For this factor, you should discover about 5 other associated keywords and utilize them in your anchor text too. The greater the range, the better your off Page SEo results will be.

These guys are worthy of all the attention they get. They have a great item and they have actually even included a variety of my individual recommendations into the tool (which I'm very happy with).


Essentials Of Seo For Much Better Website Traffic


Action verbs create strong web copy. Don't write that you "have actually been taught." Inform the reader what you "learned." Speak authoritatively, not passively.


Seo Scheduler: Start Get Your Site High Ranckings





  1. Utilizing News Release As A Seo Tool


  3. 2 Amazing Seo Page Analysis Tools


  5. 5 Finest Seo Techniques To Promote Your Website



The description tag is just like the page title, it helps search engines determine what your site has to do with and what keywords it should rank for. Again, they will utilize this tag in the search engine result to describe your site. Make sure you provide an accurate description that includes your keywords.

The distinct selling point of SEOPressor lies in the secret algorithm that it uses. This secret algorithm helps associate SEOPressor with the method Google ranks pages, therefore making sure that your website can rank exceptionally well in Google. It doesn't utilize the Google algorithm but in time this algorithm has actually shown to be equivalent to Google's.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 7:02 PM EST
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Google Page Rank Checker

In order to get good amount of traffic from online search engine, we require to do SEO. The optimization will make our site rank higher within the search result pages. When searching for information utilizing the search engines, Internet users seldom visit the 3rd, fourth, or fifth page of the search engine result. They just go to the 1st or 2nd page.


Seo Tools: Paid Or Complimentary?



That's right. , if your competition has 3,000 incoming links.. You require 3,001. If your competition has actually not totally used every bit of on page seo possible, then you must make sure your page stands out in all locations. It truly is as easy as that.


How To Pick A Not Terrible Seo Link Building Tool


It works. I was quite old-fashioned, you understand, I wish to build backlinks, send posts, ping here ping there, have great deals of material in my site, trying to make it big enough till I utilize Google Sniper system. If you follow the system exactly, you are bound to make cash online similar to me.




  1. Pointers To Pick The Finest Seo Company India


  3. Is Creating A Blog Site For Seo Purposes Crucial?


  5. How Digg Can Be Used For Seo



This describes the name on-off Page SEo. However, as an essential aspect, it is definitely needed to have it on a site. Otherwise it will almost be non-existent in the search list. However, on-page SEO is the least reliable methods.

I haven't studied yet how MSN and Yahoo! rank pages on Hubpages but if they aren't providing high ranking on their search engines they will because Social Networks are what is pulling the bulk of the traffic. That is why the term Web 2.0 has actually come about. It is the new usage of the Internet and how individuals interact with each other.


Seo Tools In A Nutshell


You will get a plenty of visitors from search engine if you use seo tool. It is a huge source to get visitors. So, make your website that follows SEO rules.



Affiliate Marketing - Looking At Competition


Contact an instructional business about the possibility of connecting to your site. If a non-profit will help, you can also see. When you are linked by a respectable source, this is seen as greater quality material for the search engines. Supply beneficial content that will encourage quality websites to include links to your website. Create material that these organizations will find beneficial and worthy.




  • Stabilizing Seo And Readability


  • Do You Personally Believe Seo Tools Work?


  • Seo Tools: Backlink Checkers To Examine Links To Any Site


  • Blogging - A New Property To Seo



Note: Google Local is fresh in the market, however not to forget that Google is the King. Here are a couple of local spam's' that are currently caught by Google and thus, need to be prevented.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 4:09 PM EST
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The Only Seo Tool You'll Ever Need. Guaranteed!

The city of Edinburgh in Scotland has actually been the house of art and science for centuries. It is the 2nd biggest city in Scotland. Regional search engine optimisation is likewise an art and science. It is fairly easy to learn, however difficult to master.


Vps Server The Very Best Seo Tool?


Today everyone does on page and off Page SEo extremely well however not everyone can reach at the peak. For this you will require to take help of social networking site in a smart method.



Going About Keyword Research


You already understand that being found at the top of Google is what brings individuals to your website. There's just one concern delegated respond to. What words are people browsing for in order to discover you? The very first step is to find the right words and expressions.




  • 5 Deadly Tricks That Can Improve Your Article Marketing Efforts


  • Online Marketing Consultants State Material Is King


  • Vps Server The Very Best Seo Tool?



# 4. Free seo tool s: - There are plenty of AdSense account holders and lot of other web designers who desire to find out about SEO. So, you should provide them free SEO tools. Develop your own seo tool and launch it totally free, or search on Google totally free SEO tools. Folks love SEO ideas and SEO tricks. So, you must use many SEO ebooks.

Visitor Blogging - the most really reliable and beneficial tool for link building. Tiresome part that you need to have a web website and great contacts with numerous bloggers. This is a genuine human side of link building, where the relationship truly counts.


Is Seo Pressor Plugin An Excellent Seo Tool?


Browse engines do read the Alt tag of graphics and this can be among the more reliable on page seo aspects. You must have a graphic with the keyword as the alt text, on every page.


How Digg Can Be Used For Seo





  1. The Very Best Search Engine Keyword Tool: Keyword Elite 2.0



  3. Google Bans Popular Seo Software! How Safe Is Your Seo Tool?


  5. Begin Pulling Search Engine Traffic


  7. Do Seo Tools Actually Work?



SEOPressor can likewise rate each post and check made to your blog which is fantastic in keeping you familiar with how your SEO score is constructing (or worse, declining).

If you don't have time and have no concept about SEO then you ought to hire an SEO Expert who supplies quality SEO Provider applying the proven and latest algorithms of Seo.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 2:06 AM EST
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Seo Tools To Increase Your Seo Optimization Efforts

Online marketing is everything about visibility, it's a game of appeal and it's one you need to win if you are severe about growing an online business. There is a Worldwide Market out there, consumers from 4 corners of the earth, with Credit Cards in hand, browsing 24 hours a day for the things they desire. However due to the nature of the Internet, many are tired and disappointed, and they are unable to find what they wantto purchase and many disappear empty handed.


Seo Tools That Can Assist You Dominate The Search Engines


Put a '#' in front of keywords in your tweet. This serves as a seo tool and your tweet will appear when individuals do a search on that word, allowing you to easily get in touch with individuals who are interested in your organisation and activities.


Seo Tools That Can Assist You Control The Search Engines


This is total variety of words divided by the variety of usages of the keyword. This must be roughly 2%. The concept is for the search engines to be clear that the material is appropriate to the keyword however not to suspect that you are just repeating the keyword to control them. Keyword density is one of the on page seo aspects that can be done severely with an unfavorable outcome.




  • Do You Personally Think Seo Tools Work?


  • Top 9 Backlinks Tips - Seo Tips You Can Use Today!


  • Using The Google Keyword Research Study Tool For Optimum Profits



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and "Sponsored' Listings All of the major online search engine have there own Pay Per Click programs, for example, Google uses "Adwords". Utilizing Pay Per Click programmes can get your website listed in the leading search results page in a little as 15 minutes. You just pay for marketing that works so PPC can be relatively inexpensive.

Introduce deeper, more complex off Page SEo product with a short run-through. Make it clear that following the link will take the reader to an extended treatment of the topic.


Link Assistant Evaluation Is Totally Free Seo Tool From Seo Powersuite



Once again, lots of other sites do not have the relevant content. Likewise, one can find the lack of backlinks, or even the off-page SEO as the reason behind their failure to rank high in the search engine list. However, a holistic SEO will focus on all the aspects.


2 Awesome Seo Page Analysis [Tools] X-E-N-D-X.





  1. How Link Dozer Assists In Producing Quality Backlinks


  3. Recognize The Reliable Seo Tools


  5. 3 Need To Have Seo Magic Bullets


  7. Here's Another Seo Tool You Should Have! Yawn! But This Is A Beauty


  9. Seo Tools That Can Help You Dominate The Search Engines



Having stated that, however, there are some truly neat techniques you can do for online search engine enhancing your sites. Additional hints Before going much further, nevertheless, there are 2 main categories of seo: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Fifth, have patience. Ranking in the online search engine takes some time, Rome wasn't constructed in a day. Above all else, correspond in your connecting methods and your content production techniques. Constantly be generating new links and content. Online search engine try to find individuals who are adding to the greater excellent, not seeps who wish to make a fast buck.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 1:13 AM EST
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Monday, 9 December 2019
Article Marketing As An Seo Strategy

As a 13-year market veteran, I need to confess I'm a little seasoned. I've seen practically everything. That's why 3 years ago we developed our own search engine optimization (SEO) tool to deal with the complex difficulties of big site optimization.


Seo - Tool Of Strategies For Increasing Online Visibility


An seo tool provides the info and collects on your SEO project success over a period of time. It keeps you informed, whether you are relocating the best direction or not and recommends when something is to be changed.



Keywords Seo Tool - Increase Your Conversion Rates


It makes it easier for you if your competitors does not completely comprehend the ins and outs of SEO. Lots of expert sites do not have correct on page search engine optimisation. Possibilities are their site is stopping working badly in that area if they used an expert web designer to construct their site and they relied on them to do the on page seo.





  • The Only Seo Tool You'll Ever Need, Ensured!


  • Why The Best Automated Seo Tools Are Just As Good As Your Keywords


  • Seo Spyglass - An Seo Tool For Keepsake



There are many ways to develop traffic to your website. Post marketing is still among the top methods to go. By sending posts to directories, you not only have excellent links from those sites, however you also have a likelihood at getting those posts got by other individuals. These will appear in individuals newsletters, reviews on web off Page SEo, and in some cases in other individuals ebooks and unique reports. All these will be vital to constructing great traffic to your website.


10 Factors To Use Seo Software


It works. I was quite old school, you know, I want to develop backlinks, submit short articles, ping here ping there, have great deals of material in my site, attempting to make it big enough up until I utilize Google Sniper system. If you follow the system exactly, you are bound to generate income online similar to me.

Blog commenting - it's still intriguing to work for a specific specific niche websites. Due to spammers, a lot of blogs only use a no-links in their comment sections. However there might be some great sites in your niche, which provides you the do follow links. Make sure you send your discuss associated blog sites and attempt to make some great recommendations in your comments.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 2:10 AM EST
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How Digg Can Be Used For Seo

Your primary objective would be to offer your product if you take place to be in the Amway Item business. Certainly the more product you sell the more cash you will make, and likewise the larger your recurring earnings will end up being. The internet is an excellent area to sell your Amway item. Your potential consumer is world-wide, and you may enlarge your down line immensely. Following are some great concepts to offer your Amway product on the web.


7 Important Seo Techniques


My secret seo tool pointed out in Step 5, is the reason I am on the first page of at least 90% of every keyword I choose for my blog site posts. Without this seo tool, you will have extremely little chance of writing a blog site that will get you considerable traffic.


Seo Software Application - A Concealed Gem To Rank Your Website Higher In Search Engines


Online traffic does not simply visited. You need to do something to drive them to your website. You do that using on page optimization. Prior to you hit outdoors with off page, you need to make certain that the within is all ready for the barrage of traffic. What will they get out of on page seo services? Well, they will anticipate pertinent and great material that is enhanced with keywords. They will anticipate that the site downloads quickly and is not slow. They expect that they can see your site on the very first couple of pages of the online search engine. They expect that images and other components of the website are optimized. These aspects need to be resolved so that your web presence is developed.





  • Popular 2011 Seo Tools


  • Seopressor - Can This Seo Tool Really Be Useful To You?


  • How To Pick A Not Horrible Seo Link Building Tool




Getting you website to the top of the search rankings will undoubtedly mean you will need to utilize a number of SEO techniques. There are two types of SEO strategies. These are on-page SEO methods and off Page SEo-page SEO strategies.


5 Lethal Tricks That Can Enhance Your Article Marketing Efforts


You register to state the top 20 most checked out post directories totally free. You create your author penname. Than you develop a subject to compose about, that you think people will be interested in checking out. You write your short article, including keyword targeted words in your authors resource box at the bottom of your short article. You know, the keywords that you want people and the search engines to find you for.

Liane: Oh, my pleasure! And by the method, if you wonder about how Google works, you ought to absolutely type in the keyword expression "DK is a Street Entertainer" into Google. And take a look around!

Posted by laneqaih396 at 12:55 AM EST
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Sunday, 8 December 2019
How To Select Between Affiliate Marketing Tools

Everybody seems to think that Google is the Big Kahuna of regional search engine optimization (regional SEO) and being on the first page of Google is like owning a license to print money. All of that may be real, although Google positioning is not the only method to get traffic to your website.


Should I Do Seo Myself?


Have excellent material on your site. Initial material is best. If you Have a peek here are going to utilize private label content on your website, it is still a great idea to reword it in your own words. And it doesn't harmed to add a little new material in to make it even more special.


2 Remarkable Seo Page Analysis [Tools] X-E-N-D-X.


It implies that the SEO will take care of the whole system and function in part. But such a system is uncommon to find. A lot of the sites missed out some basic and obvious things. Much of them create outstanding on and off Page SEo, however they disregard the keyword research.





  1. The 10 Google Seo Commandments


  3. Blogging Can Be An Excellent Seo Tool


  5. Killer Link Structure Techniques



Essentially, these "spiders" provide pertinent search engine result by examining the text and image material of every site they encounter (at blistering speed) for keywords that relate to that sites mentioned function or material. The algorithm also ranks a website for its significance to other websites, some comparable, some not, on the Web. This significance is determined by the relevance of the website linking to your website, in addition to your website's relevance to the outside site, as well as the large variety of back-links from outside sites to your site. Basically, quality is more essential than amount worrying these back-links, however both are desirable if possible. Confusing? Do not worry; we're only handling "on-page" SEO elements in this short article.


Comprehending How Online Search Engine Work Utilizing Online Seo Tools


However, in a lot Learn more here of cases, you'll really discover that the paid tools are often much better than the totally free ones. Why? Well, here are just a couple of premises that make the case for paid seo tool over free ones.


Get Best Seo Consulting At Reasonable Rate


A few of the standard actions to get ranked higher are to use on page seo. Having a Keyword Loaded Domain Name, Title, Header Tags and Categories will propel you above most of competitors that do not have this.




  • Why You Must Not Be Scared Of Seo (Search Engine Optimization)


  • Seo Tools - Backlink Checkers To Examine Links To Any Site


  • Seo Software Reviews: How To Pick The Best Seo Tool



So why do you require to do seo on your website? Seo is essential for your websites since it helps you to get ranked high in the online search engine for keywords that you use to your website. Since you want the top three search engines to get your website as high as it can, this is really crucial. There are over 8 billion searches per month using the online search engine. So if you get your site high enough in the search engines more individuals will have the ability to find your sites. This in turn will increase the visitors to your website and make you more sales.

Another idea is to guarantee that your address is typed on every page on your site. The search engines love this and they'll reward you for it by ranking you greater. What does this include? You must have the address, number as well as zip code for your business on each page you release. The online search engine will then right away understand that you're targeting the regional searches. In conclusion: local seo needs more work from you but it settles in the future when you are better able to reach your target audience.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 7:00 PM EST
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Internet Marketing Consultants State Material Is King

It is also an effective SEO tool that might increase traffic to your website and enhance your ranking with the online search engine. The following pointers will be helpful for you when you set about producing your page.


How To Enhance Your Online Search Engine Rankings Using Website Grader - For Beginners


Obviously, all of us know that search engines will discover us through our page titles, keywords and alt tags, it is truly stunning to see simply the number of new webmasters Browse around this site do not even comprehend anything about SEO. On page aspects like page titles, keyword density, alt tags for pictures, meta tags, site maps and other important actions should not be prevented when building your site.



Seo Tools - Backlink Checkers To Inspect Links To Any Site


Keyword Targeting Your website need to be keyword abundant. You desire to make certain that your visitor doesn't need to take a trip far to get to your items, weather they are on the home page or ready to acquire an item in your shopping cart. These keyword links can assist you rank well in the online search engine. Make sure you use the keywords for each off Page SEo every time you can but keep in mind Google is searching for people that discuss board on keyword things.




  1. Benefits Of Seo Tools


  3. Keyword Elite - The Total Guide To Keyword Elite


  5. Top 10 Finest Seo Tools



The very first thing that I have him learn is online search engine marketing (or search engine optimization (SEO)). When I enter the details about page rank, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, back links, EMD's (exact match domain names), and keyword density. he desires to quit. And this makes me mad.


Begin Pulling Search Engine Traffic


Internet marketing consulting stresses the requirement to construct website authority. Info rich, appropriate text is the most inexpensive seo tool available to attain that goal.


9 Common Seo Myths Demystified



There are numerous items and services that will assess your pages and report on the requirement of your on page seo however I particularly like a WordPress SEO plugin called SEOPressor. This has the benefit of being well integrated into WordPress and working immediately when a page or post is saved or upgraded. It analyses the on page SEO, offers it a percentage score and informs you how to enhance it.




  • Seo Spyglass - An Seo Tool For Keepsake


  • How To Select A Not Dreadful Seo Link Structure Tool


  • Seo Tools Vs Human Power - Can Seo Be Automated?



Online readers require more white area to make skimming the text much easier. Forget the five-sentence paragraph structure you found out in English class. Keep online paragraphs to 3 sentences or less whenever possible.

This tool maximizes your outcomes for even heavy keywords, and permits you to get traffic on a day-to-day basis from keywords that someone is looking for, someplace. Want evidence? Additional resources Fine. Browse the term: "MLM Training Tips" in Google. When you are done kicking the tires, click the link I set up above, and take a look at my SEO Ace In The Hole.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 5:55 PM EST
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Why You Must Not Hesitate Of Seo (Seo)

So I finally got my hands on an actually neat piece of software application called Bookmarking Demon. This SEO tool is designed to automate the bookmarking/backlink structure process for you. I am not going to spill the beans immediately Visit this site but provide you an in depth evaluation. Lets take a look at some of the functions.


How Press Release Writing Could Comply With Seo Needs?


There are always scenarios that require that the rules be broken. This relates straight to the need to know your audience. Some subjects call for a more in-depth treatment and more intricate language.


Utilizing The Google Keyword Research Tool For Optimum Profits


In case of difficult competition for Google Places areas, the tie-breaker is typically favorable off Page SEo reviews from your consumers. Provide the URL and ask them to write a favorable evaluation for you.




  1. The Finest Free Seo Tools And Seo Software


  3. Signature Links As A Traffic And Seo Tool


  5. Comprehending How Search Engines Work Utilizing Online Seo Tools



Basically, these "spiders" offer appropriate search outcomes by examining the text and image content of every site they encounter (at blistering speed) for keywords that are appropriate to that sites mentioned function or content. The algorithm likewise ranks a site for its significance to other websites, some similar, some not, on the Web. This relevance is identified by the significance of the site connecting to your website, along with your website's relevance to the outside site, along with the sheer variety of back-links from outside sites to your website. Essentially, quality is more vital than quantity worrying these back-links, but both are preferable if possible. Confusing? Do not worry; we're only dealing with "on-page" SEO consider this article.


Affiliate Marketing Suggestions: Get Your Video Ranked On Google


Images with Alt Tags This frequently neglected seo tool can actually assist you in your search engine positioning. Google will index your images so call all of the images you utilize with the very same keyword(s).


Seopressor - Who Can Actually Take Advantage Of This Wordpress Seo Tool?


There are lots of products and services that will evaluate your pages and report on the standard of your on page seo however I especially like a WordPress SEO plugin called SEOPressor. This has the advantage of being well incorporated into WordPress and working automatically when a page or post is conserved or upgraded. It analyses the on page SEO, provides it a portion rating and informs you how to enhance it.




  • Secret Of Seo And Online Search Engine Marketing


  • 5 Pointers For Utilizing Hash Tags To Enhance Your Twitter Seo


  • Three Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy



In my viewpoint I think it depends on your present requirements and situations. Generally if you are aiming to generate traffic quickly and can afford a Click here for more marketing budget then my preference would be to focus on Google Adwords. Definitely if your website is brand brand-new then SEO is probably not the path for you as it can take some months before Google will take brand-new websites seriously enough to rank them for their organic searches.


This has for that reason made web designers watch out for high quality links which many individuals misinterpreted. The next part of this short article will reveal you how to get backlinks that will produce results (high quality).

Posted by laneqaih396 at 5:19 PM EST
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Seo Spyglass - An Seo Tool For Keepsake

So you think you have investigated a list of the ideal keywords for your niche, you've evaluated their potential profitability and now finally now you've got them - what to do with them to improve your website's online search engine optimisation (SEO for short) strategy, that's what this post is everything about, so here goes.


Affiliate Marketing Ideas: Get Your Video Ranked On Google


As a last hope, if you pertain to the conclusion that you're not as productive with online search engine marketing as you are with other aspects of your service, then you may wish to consider employing an SEO specialist. These are people specifically designed to assist increase your online search engine rankings in a substantial amount of time.


The Finest Link Structure Strategies


You than submit the short article to the 20 or two off Page SEo short article directories. Within the day, you begin noticing hits to your site. Over the week, you notice regular hits to your site. Within 3 weeks to a month, you see that many other webmasters have actually chosen up your post and re-published it on their websites. Over many months, the quantity of complimentary one way links from other websites grows and quickly you have numerous websites sending you "link love." Post marketing is effective online marketing.




  1. Inspect Out The Link Dozer Review


  3. Why Google Locations Might Not Be The Very Best Regional Seo Tool For You



  5. Why The Very Best Automated Seo Tools Are Just As Good As Your Keywords



Basically, these "spiders" supply pertinent search outcomes by examining the text and image material of every site they experience (at blistering speed) for keywords that pertain to that sites mentioned purpose or material. The algorithm likewise ranks a website for its significance to other websites, some comparable, some not, on the Internet. This significance is determined by the relevance of the site connecting to your site, as well as your website's significance to the outside site, as well as the sheer variety of back-links from outdoors sites to your website. Basically, quality is more crucial than quantity concerning these back-links, however both are desirable if possible. Confusing? Don't worry; we're only dealing with "on-page" SEO consider this post.


Balancing Seo And Readability


The diy alternative for SEO can cost you nothing but time. Although there are companies that offer software bundles aimed at seo, there are also many free choices. The most powerful seo tool is understanding - which is thankfully also complimentary. You will require to study what SEO is and how you can enhance your site's ranking in online search engine. There is an abundance of totally free knowledge on the topic of SEO offered on the internet.


Seo Scheduler: Start Get Your Website High Ranckings


So what is on SEO anyhow? on page seo is putting the pieces of the puzzle that is your site in their proper place. In order to get the maximum exposure and to follow the guidelines of search engines there are a couple of things that require to be followed.




  • Seo Tools: Backlink Checkers To Examine Links To Any Site


  • 5 Finest Seo Techniques To Promote Your Website



  • 2 Awesome Seo Page Analysis [Tools] X-E-N-D-X.



Now, the secret is to use your keywords a lot, however also keep it natural. Keyword packed content wont be gotten by Google, and content that's awkwardly composed to accommodate keyword positioning won't get readers. This is an excellent reason that you wish to keep it around as soon as per paragraph or so. Check & Inspect & Inspect Finally, I can't worry enough the significance of monitoring how you're doing. Things alter and the keywords that were getting you lots of traffic before might not be later down the roadway. Constantly track your keywords and see which ones are getting searches.

Above all, make sure your do not utilize excessive flash on your site if you do consist of images, and utilize ALT tags when essential. If you can keep away from these success eliminating blunders, you'll score greater and you'll even avoid every seeing a restriction from the searches.

Posted by laneqaih396 at 4:59 AM EST
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